Best Price Guarantee - Terms

We guarantee: best offer at best prices

As a leading distributor of sewing machines and spare parts from 23 years, we try to guarantee our customers the best ratio of price to quality of products and services.

Our customers receive the "Best Price Guarantee", which allows to buy the best quality products at a very attractive prices.

How it works

If you manage to find the same deal from another distributor at a lower price, contact us and we will try to present a competitive offer. 

Terms and conditions: "Best Price Guarantee"

  1. Terms and conditions define the terms of action: "Best Price Guarantee".
  2. "Best Price Guarantee" applies to direct offers presented on our website:
  3. The organizer will present a competitive offer under the following conditions:
    • The customer finds the same product from the same manufacturer at a lower price, available in stock (available to: "buy now") in another webshop.
    • The customer before making a purchase will report this fact by sending an e-mail at:, with title: "Best Price Guarantee".
  4. "Best Price Guarantee" does not apply to:
    • products imported for individual customer needs
    • SALE or liquidation store of another seller
    • promotion prices and exhibition products
    • prices for second-hand products or from the secondary market
    • shipping costs and other costs incidental to performance the order.