Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Where can I find account number, which I can transfer the money for my order ?
The account number you can find when choosing the type of payment and in received email message with confirming the order. In addition, our account number can be found on the "contact" tab on our website.

Whether it is possible to exchange purchased products for a different model and how it should be done properly ?
Yes, if the products have not been already sent. In order to make changes is best to contact us by phone to arrange the details.

How can I submit a complaint for the defective product bought in webshop ?
Simply fill out a complaint application form published on the webshop and send it to the address of our company. Soon as we receive a complaint application, within 24 hours we will contact you for the purpose of explain details.

What can I do, if realization of order is delayed ?
If realization of order is delayed, it is essential to check email confirming the order and shipping address . After that please contact us by email or phone.

Is registration required to make purchases ?
Yes, registration is required to make a purchase in a webshop. As a result, you can checking your order history and get discounts for regular customers.

How to register in webshop ?
Registration is done automatically during a desire to make the purchase (after adding the product to the basket). Simply fill out the required fields and registration will take place automatically (without requiring confirmation email).

I forgot my password ? What now ?

In case you forgot your password, click on the link: "Forgot Password?" And enter your e-mail address that was used during the registration process. To that address we'll send you a new password.

Can I cancel the order ?
Yes, if the shipment has not been sent. The order is communicated to implement immediately after its submission, therefore it should be done as soon as possible. About resignation please inform us by telephone - this information will enable the immediate cessation of the preparation process, manufacture of the product as well as shipping. In the event that shipment was sent, resignation is not possible.

When will I receive my order ?
The term of the order realization is dependent on the method of delivery and the selected products. All the information you will receive when placing a specific order and choice of shipment.

I placed several orders. Could I merge them and receive in one package ?
Yes. In this case, please contact us, preferably by telephone, to discuss the details.

How can I check the status of shipment ?
If carrier offering the "tracking of shipment", its status can be observed on the carrier's website. You receive necessary information in the mail confirming the order.

Can I personally pick up the ordered products ?
Yes, products can be picked up personally. Preferably in this case, please contact with our employee, during which you determine exact time of receipt at the headquarters of our company.

Do you ship to abroad ?
Yes, our products also ship to abroad. In that case, please give the exact address and phone number to arrange a shipment.

What are the costs of delivery ?
Delivery costs depend on the size and weight of shipment. Details can be found in Terms and conditions and it will be shown when ordering (even before its approval).

What are available forms of payment ?
- payments through DOTPay,
- cash, credit card, debit card at the headquarters of the Seller,
- cash on delivery, payment on delivery,
- bank transfer.

When I get my money back, for returned products ?
We refund money within 14 days of receipt of products and proof of purchase.

How can I receive my money back, for purchased products ?
The money is returned only by bank transfer for given by customer bank account. 

Are all products shown on the website are available?
The most of products are available. If a product is currently not available, we published information about that.

Any questions ?
- send e-mail at:
- call to us: 42 212-14-50