• One needle machines

    Single needle stebnówka

    Compact and very popular single needle machine for sewing light and medium materials, sewing with a flat stitch. Depending on the configuration, it can be equipped with automatic foot lift, locking system, needle positioning, thread clipping and Direct-Drive.

  • Twin needle machines

    Two-needle stebnówka

    Two-needle machine for sewing medium and thick materials, sewing with a flat stitch. The two-needle system allows you to operate a uniform double stitch, which allows you to sew pockets, make corners or even sew machines.

  • Chainstitch machines

    Chain stebnówka

    Single or multi-needle machine sewing with a chain stitch. Designed for any type of material. The use of a chain machine ensures the durability and flexibility of the stitch used.

  • Overlocks


    Three-thread or multi-thread sewing machine commonly used in the clothing industry. Unlike standard chain machines, the overlock is equipped with a top and bottom gripper for stitching. These machines are mainly used for securing the edges of materials, stitching garments with stitch flexibility and making decorative stitches.

  • Stretch sewing machines

    Ladder machine

    Ladder machine popularly called rendering, is mainly used for sewing knitwear. The render performs an imitation of a flattened overlock seam, which is mainly used to curl the bottoms of t-shirts, T-shirt sleeves or create a finishing decorative stitch.

  • Buttonhole machines

    Hole punch

    Specialized sewing machine sewing the hole with a flat-end stitch. Designed mainly for thin and medium materials. It is ideal for sweaters, shirts, t-shirts, underwear and baby clothing.

  • Eyelet machines

    Clothing punch

    Specialized sewing machine that stitches the hole with a chain stitch. Designed mainly for thick materials. It is ideal for coats, jackets, jackets, vests, trousers and jeans.

  • Button mounting machines

    The latest generation of chain and punch stitch buttons available in our offer.

  • Bartacking machines


    Versatile, multifunctional machine with the possibility of making several types of rigs designed for light and medium materials.

  • Zigzag machines

    Zyg-zag machine

    Machine for making decorative stitch, type zig-zag. Designed for different types of materials, used for sewing underwear, hats, shoes, belts, sails and many more.

  • Decorative stitches

    Decorative stitch machine

    Machine designed for decorative sewing, basting of materials.

  • Automatic sewing units

    Sui-welding machine

    Sewing machine designed for specialized applications. Equipped with electronic work assistance systems and a panel for programming and controlling available functions.

  • Blind stitch machines


    Sewing machine designed for different types of materials. Find your application perfectly in impersonating sleeves, cuffs, legs, skirts, jackets, etc.

  • Other specialist

    Specialized sewing machines

    In this category are classified specialized sewing machines pre-marked for various industrial applications.

  • Lighting

    Machine lights

    We invite you to familiarize yourself with our wide offer regarding professional seuction machine lamps from the company: HAIMU

  • Chemicals


    Professional chemical articles for industrial applications.

  • Chairs

    Chairs sewing

    Professional and certified chairs for sewing industries and tailors.

  • Taylor's dummies

    Tailoring mannequins

    Professional tailoring mannequins for sewing rooms and tailoring plants.

  • Pullers and feeders

    Feeders and energy chains for machines

    Energy chains, pulers and feeders for suction machines and equipment.

  • Snap mounting machines

    Industrial se weeders

    Professional punching devices of all kinds of nap for different types of material.

  • Industrial embroidery machines

    Industrial embroidery machines

    Industrial machines performing professional embroidery, equipped with advanced functions supporting the production process, electronic control and control panel.

  • Pattern sewing machines

    Professional seismical machines

    Sewing machines adapted individually to the needs of our customers, equipped with a replaceable sewing field, with the possibility of defining the shape and size of the sewn element.

  • Machines for shirt production
  • Gumiarki / Paskarki
  • Feed-of-the-arm machines
  • Multi-needle machines

    Multi-needle machines

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Showing 1 - 30 of 229 items
Showing 1 - 30 of 229 items
There are 229 products.

Professional se weaning machines

Our offer includes mainly professional, industrial suction machines of world-renowned and respected manufacturers of suction machines and equipment: JUKI, TYPICAL, SHUNFA, MAX, REECE, GLOBAL, STROBEL, YIN/AGMS. In our shop you will find everything you need to equip your seeduato, from basic machines such as singl...

Professional se weaning machines

Our offer includes mainly professional, industrial suction machines of world-renowned and respected manufacturers of suction machines and equipment: JUKI, TYPICAL, SHUNFA, MAX, REECE, GLOBAL, STROBEL, YIN/AGMS. In our shop you will find everything you need to equip your seeduato, from basic machines such as single needle machines and two-needle machines, tubes and overlocks, to seownia machines, automatic cutting machines and a system for preparing GEMINI CAD production.

Industrial se weeding machines for your se weed

In this category there are mainly professional sewing machines such as:

- single needles and two-head tubes, including TYPICAL GC6910-MD3, TYPICAL GC6160B, TYPICAL GC6760BD3-J tubes, as well as double transport tubes as TYPICAL GC6717-HD3
- chain tubes
- JUKIsewing machines, including flagship models such as JUKI DDL8700, JUKI DDL8700-7, JUKI DDL 900A, JUKI DDL900B JUKI DDL8700H
- industrial overlocks
- JUKI, including flagship models such as JUKI MO6814S, JUKI MO6818S, JUKI MO 6714D JUKI MO6704D
- Industrial renders / ladder dips, including renderki SHUNFA, renderki MAX, renderki KANSAI SPECIAL and renderki JUKI eg popular renderka JUKI MF 7523-U11
- punches, including clothing punches and underwear punches e.g. JUKI LBH780U, JUKI LBH-1790AN or electronic punch TYPICAL GT1790S
- Mechanical and electronic buttons, including the popular JUKI LK1903BSS, JUKI MB1377, SHUNFA SF373 or TYPICAL GT6438
- electronic bolts JUKI LK1900BHS, BSS, BFS and BNS and MAXlocks, TYPICAL GT6430-D-02 or UTLIMA RM-128 for quilting pillows
- zigzag sewing machines, including GLOBAL ZZ-509, JUKI LZ2284A-7, SHUNFA SF20U53 or TYPICAL GT856D-318
- impersonation, including popular models such as SHUNFA SF512, GLOBAL BM-9210, STROBEL VEB100-6, STROBEL VEB100-2 or TYPICAL GL13101-2
- industrial embroidery machines HAPPY HCH 701, HAPPY HCR 1508 or HAPPY-X1501-40
- seizers, including the popular GLOBAL PFA-03
- sewing machines e.g. pocket vending machine, trouser and skirt sewing machine, utlima SM-2000 small parts vending machine and REECE 84-72 vending machines for sewing elements

Most machines have energy-efficient motors installed. We offer classic industrial machines and computer sewing machines, controlled by a panel, with automatic functions and many facilities for easy daily work.

Seouing equipment

In other categories there are professional seownia equipment such as plotters, automatic cutting rooms and a system for preparing the production GEMINI CAD. In our shop you can also buy needles for sewing machines, spare parts for sewing machines, chairs for sewing machines and various accessories such as HAIMU lamps and tailoring scissors.