About our company

Banaszczyk Sewing Machines Company began operating in 1992. Since the beginning of our business, the main goal is the best support and satisfaction of our clients.

We provide complex equipment for sewing rooms, tailors, factories and companies from the private sector. We offer our customers a wide range of sewing machines and specialized devices such as: overlocks, blind stitch machines, pattern sewing machines, spreading machines, industrial machines and all kinds of sewing equipment and accessories. We are also representative of world renowned manufacturers such as JUKI, KANSAI, SPECIAL, BROTHER, SHUNFA and many others.

Our 23 years of experience in the industry, resulted cooperation with more than 1,500 customers from home and abroad.

As a market leader sewing machines, we guarantee our customers professional consulting, technical support, high level of maintenance services and uninterrupted access to spare parts and accessories.

Our traders are able to find almost any machine, even for the most advanced and custom purpose.

Especially for our customers we created specialized technical facilities, where our technicians can solve every case, providing warranty service and necessary training.

At over 1,000 m our warehouse, you can touch and see each sewing machine, check it and test, benefiting from the advice of our specialists.

The offer also includes machines used and highly specialized equipments such as: labeling machines, buttonhole machines, button mounting machines, ironing tables, drawing plotters, sewing machines and cutting equipment, etc.

Our customers have at their disposal a large spare parts warehouse of over 10,000 items, ranging from presser foots, bobbins, drums, needles, through piping folder, retractors, ending to specialized parts and accessories.

All of this can be found in one of the largest warehouses in Poland - the company's headquarters Banaszczyk Sewing Machines.

Thanks to us, "sewing became easier."