GROZ-BECKERT - needles for sewing machines


Our shop offer includes sewing machine needles for various applications. We sell Groz-Beckert needles for sewing machines with cutting and round tips. Depending on the type of tip you can get different effects, for example:


- decorative stitching seams

- well visible punctures

- open or closed seams

- seams laid "irregularly"


The wide range of Groz-Beckert needles allows for a perfect matching of the type of needle to the fabric being sewn. Needles are selected in terms of the machine model and the type of production. Other needles are for sewing soft leather, others for hard. Sewing upholstery furniture, car and footwear also poses certain requirements as to the type of used needles.


Needles with round tips (so-called expanding) are designed for sewing most fabrics and knits. Among the needles with a round tip, there are also several sub-categories that allow the needle to fit the type of production. Other needles work well in sewing outerwear, while others are designed for sewing sweaters or underwear.

Why is the right needle selection so important?


A badly chosen needle affects not only the appearance and quality of the stitch. Properly fitted model will not break as often, will not destroy the material and will guarantee good quality seams, without incorrect stitches. When the tip of the needle becomes blunt, wipes or damages in some other way, the needle should be replaced with a new one. Erroneous, ugly stitches or damage visible on the material are also a signal to replace the needle.

Needles for a sewing machine - which one to choose?


Our offer includes Groz-Beckert needles for various applications:


• Needles for delicate fabrics (eg DBX1 / 1738 / 16X257 / 71X1 55)

• Sewing needles for outerwear (eg DBX1 / 1738 / 16X257 / 71X1 85)

• Needles for jeans and work clothes (eg DBX1 / 1738 FFG GEBEDUR 90)

• Sports footwear needles (eg DBX1 / 1738 / 16X257 SD 75)

• Leather needles (e.g., 16X6 / 34 PCR / 287 PCR 70)

• Sewing needles for technical textiles and car upholstery (eg DBX1 MR / 1738 MR / 1515 MR 2.0)

• Needles for multi-head embroidery machines (DBX1 / 1738 / 16X257 / 71X1 55)

• Quilting needles (e.g. 7X3 K FR / 7X3 KF 160)



Needles for technical textiles (hard materials, composites) have a reinforced structure and are designed to protect the thread from breaking or splitting. In the case of needles for automatic sewing units, the selection of the right needle is very important, because in this type of machines the direction of sewing is often changed, and the changes in the twist of the thread may contribute to an inferior stitch quality. MR series needles are adapted to such machines and guarantee perfect seam quality with multi-directional sewing.

In the event of a problem with the selection of the right needle, we encourage you to contact our department of parts, where you can get professional help on the correct selection of needles. You can also place an order by phone or email.


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