JUKI LK-1900S-S modern, computer-controlled bartacking machine



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JUKI LK-1900-S is a modern computer machine that allows you to shorten the entire sewing process. The device sews at a maximum speed of 3200 stitches per minute,...

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JUKI LK-1900-S is a modern computer machine that allows you to shorten the entire sewing process. The device sews at a maximum speed of 3200 stitches per minute, accelerates at the beginning of sewing and releases at the end, guaranteeing perfect seam quality. In this model, the speed of thread cutting and work clamp foot lifting speed is increased. JUKI LK-1900S-S bartacking machine allows the use of 51 bolt patterns. The machine's memory allows you to store patterns and various sewing configurations, making sewing on the machine even more efficient. The sewing surface has dimensions of 30x40mm and can be used to sew various kinds of sewing patterns such as lengthwise bartacking.. The feed control mechanism guarantees perfect seam quality regardless of the sewing speed of the machine. The maximum lift of the work clamp foot is as much as 17mm, and the needle bar stroke in this model is 41.2mm, which facilitates work, especially with heavier and thicker materials.

Additional features of the JUKI LK-1900S-S bartacking machine:

  • Bartacking machine is equipped with a control panel with a voice control function that supports and accelerates the production process.
  • Functional buttons available from the control panel allow quick changes in patterns setttings.
  • Sewing patterns, which are used most often, can be assigned to function buttons, so that if necessary, you can use them immediately, without the need to program the pattern from beginning.
  • The JUKI LK-1900S bartacking machine is equipped with a USB port, which facilitates management of the machine data. You can also carry out software updates using the USB port.
  • Sewing is also more efficient thanks to the greater distance between the needle and the machine body. The pulley has been placed at a convenient distance from the sewing area, thanks to which the operator of the bartacking machine can easily control the position of the needle.
  • The direct drive of the device allows the machine to start quickly and guarantees excellent sewing quality and accuracy.
  • JUKI bartacking machine has built-in LED lighting, with a six-level scale for brightness control.

Parameters of the JUKI LK-1900S-S bartacking machine:

  • Application: standard
  • Direct-drive
  • Lubrication: semi-dry
  • Max. sewing speed: 3200spm
  • Stitch length: 0.1~10mm(0.1mm step)
  • Needle bar stroke: 41.2mm
  • Lift of the work clamp foot: 17mm
  • Sewing area: 30mm x 40mm
  • Machine memory: Max. 20,000 stitches/51 patterns (standard patterns)/Number of patterns that can be input: 200
  • Bobbin thread counter
  • Power supply: 200-240V
  • Needle system: DP×5(#14)

JUKI LK-1900S is available in two versions: JUKI LK-1900S-S (standard version) and JUKI LK-1900S-H (model for sewing heavier fabrics, eg jeans).