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Seam sealing machine hot-air with electronic control V-6 is one of the latest products Jiangmen VIM. The project unit is microprocessor based and intelligent and...

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Seam sealing machine hot-air with electronic control V-6 is one of the latest products Jiangmen VIM. The project unit is microprocessor based and intelligent and programmable logic controller PLC. Enables digital setting and fine adjustment of parameters. The machine housing has a special gain, and lower column is ultra-thin. The series is distinguished by automatic temperature control, automatic cut the tape and ribbon supply system and mikrocofania to facilitate the work, the removal of faults and maintenance of the machine.

A large operational space and ideal effect of fixation make V-6 machines are used in the manufacture of professional clothing and waterproof tents. They are particularly appreciated by manufacturers of high water resistance class, of three layers of material.

Most of the materials for the production of waterproof (including clothing, backpacks, tents, tarpaulin covers and protective clothing special purpose vehicles) requires the use of watertight seams. Water resistance seam is obtained by gluing on a previously formed seam special tape by hot air.

The machine features:
- Automatic temperature control; high stability; temperature fluctuations within ± 2C; an alarm signal indicating the temperature reached the upper limit, which prevents overheating of wires.
- The machine is automatically controlled by a programmable logic controller and intelligent PLC, the software can be freely modified depending on the needs of the user.
- The mechanical parts of the machine are made of high quality steel, so that the entire structure is solid and durable. The main components are mounted from specially imported electric components with high reliability.
- Features a synchronous drive chains upper and lower pressure roller, automatic leveling mechanism and auto mikrocofania clearances, reduce the risk of niedoklejenia tape and guarantee high product quality.
- Two pedal control provides the machine operator comfort, especially during long work; It is intuitive and does not get tired
- The machine uses a unique system of heating pipes; the air is not served by an independent fan (blowing), you do not get there water or oil.
- Automatic cut the tape, special tape feed mechanism and trim ends of the tape reduce waste.
- Special housing design provides high operational space.
- Ultra-thin design lets the bottom of the column sticking tape on the products of different sizes.
- The machine combines the advantages of similar models - national and international, and is enriched with advanced technological solutions in the field of mechanics and electronics.

Technical data:
- Power approx. 1.8kW, depending on the heating temperature
- Voltage AC 220V
- The frequency of 50Hz
- Maximum temperature of the heating cable ~  7000C
- Total air pressure machine 0.3 ~ 0.35MPa
- Pressure on the upper pressure roller 0.15MPa 0.1
- Speed ??1 ~ 18m / min.
- External dimensions 600 x 1 350 x 1 530mm
- Motor Power 60W
- The sheer size of the upper pressure roller 18 ~ 25mm
- The width of the platen roller 25.4mm (1 inch)
- Diameter of pressure roller 65mm
- Hot air nozzle width 22mm
- Noise <80dB

We assembled, ready to work kit comprising:
- Head machine
- The disc table
- Metal base
- Engine
- Drawer
- Additional Accessories
- User's Guide